Property Inspection
what We inspect

Cracking, windows and doors, floors walls and ceilings.


Site drainage, fences and gates, carports, driveway, sheds, pools and granny flats,


Framing members, insulation, leaks


Mould, leaks, stumps, bearers and joists.

Looking to buy? Worried about what could be wrong with your potential dream home or investment property? Maybe you are moving to Australia and need to know what to expect or look for in a property?

Let us put your mind at ease, taking out the guess work and giving the buying power back to you!

We carry out a forensic extrapolation of imperfections on every property we inspect and our inspections and reports comply with Australian Standards (AS4349.1 2007)

In association with Housesafe Education and the Pre-Purchase Inspectors National Registry, we are appropriately qualified, accredited and insured to carry out comprehensive property inspections.

Sourcing a Trade Strong inspection and report will be the MOST IMPORTANT exchange of money you will make before you buy. We will enable you to negotiate a better buying price or have the vendor carry out repairs based on our findings. Or you just might want an idea of what you could expect in repairs for the future.

Whatever your reasons for a property inspection, it is the smartest decision you could make.

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